Submitted a paper to IUSSP

Just yesterday my colleagues Jakub Bijak and Jason Hilton and myself submitted a paper (4-page extended abstract, with a paper to follow if accepted) to the XXVII IUSSP Population Conference, to be held in Busan, South Korea next August.  The paper is titled “Statistical Individuals and Simulated Individuals: Analysing Agent-Based Demographic Models with Gaussian Process Emulators“, which is a very long title… need to take a rest after saying all that.  The content is essentially a distillation of our recent work on agent-based models for the study of population dynamics, with an emphasis on the potential impact of this type of simulation methodology on event-history analysis.

The conference is run by the IUSSP, the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, based in Paris.  The attendees will be 2-3,000 demographers across all areas of the discipline, so this will hopefully be my first opportunity to be on hand to present our recent work to the demography community.  I’m very interested to see how these conferences work; my field is quite small in comparison, and our big conferences are perhaps 1/10th the size of this one!

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