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Paper published in Demographic Research

Just had another publication pop up online!  This one is an examination of paradigm change in demography and an argument for developing a new sub-field around the history of population science.  I’m pleased to say this one is also in Demographic Research, an open-access journal with some of the most cheerful and helpful editors around.  This paper’s called Quantifying paradigm change in demography and was written by Jakub Bijak, Daniel Courgeau, myself, and Robert Franck.

Our paper for Population and Development Review is still being looked at, but with luck we may hear about it soon.  In the meantime take a look at this one, and do support Demographic Research if you publish in this area — we should all be supporting high-quality open-access journals as much as we can.

Here’s the abstract:

Background: Demography is a uniquely empirical research area amongst the social sciences. We posit that the same principle of empiricism should be applied to studies of the population sciences as a discipline, contributing to greater self-awareness amongst its practitioners.

Objective: The paper aims to include measurable data in the study of changes in selected demographic paradigms and perspectives.

Methods: The presented analysis is descriptive and is based on a series of simple measures obtained from the free online tool Google Books Ngram Viewer, which includes frequencies of word groupings (n-grams) in different collections of books digitised by Google.

Results: The tentative findings corroborate the shifts in the demographic paradigms identified in the literature — from cross-sectional, through longitudinal, to event-history and multilevel approaches.

Conclusions: These findings identify a promising area of enquiry into the development of demography as a social science discipline. We postulate that more detailed enquiries in this area in the future could lead to establishing History of Population Thought as a new sub-discipline within population sciences.

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Submitted a paper to Demographic Research

Yesterday my colleagues Jakub Bijak, Jason Hilton, Viet Cao and I submitted another paper, this one to the journal Demographic Research.  This one is also related to Francesco Billari’s model of partnership formation, but in this case we performed a replication and extension of the original model with a substantial focus on in-depth investigation of the mechanisms underlying the resulting population dynamics.

This kind of paper is fairly unusual in a demography journal, in that agent-based modelling techniques remain largely outside of standard methodology in that field.  Our hope is that we can build on Billari’s attempts to bring new methodologies into demography, and perhaps encourage some enthusiasm for the approach.

Demographic Research is free and open access, just like JASSS, so if our paper gets accepted you’ll soon see the link on this very page.


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