Presenting at JSM 2013, Montreal

This August I’ll be presenting a paper at JSM 2013 in Montreal.  This piece of work is a joint effort by Jakub Bijak, Jason Hilton and myself, titled Statistical versus Agent-Based Demography: Bridging the Gap with Gaussian Process Emulators (click the link to see the abstract).

This conference will be, shall we say, rather enormous.  There are apparently more than 6,000 statisticians due to attend (!), and given that I’m not a statistician myself, I suspect I’m in for some challenging questions.

I’m also ashamed to admit that this will be my first-ever visit to Canada, despite the fact that I spent a significant chunk of my life growing up in Pennsylvania, just slightly to the south.  I’m looking forward to visiting our northern friends — my only regret is that my visit falls well outside of hockey season, which is by far the best sport, and I’ve little doubt Canadians are by far the best people to watch it with.  Ah, well — gives me an excuse to go back another time!  I’ll have to make do with my NHL Gamecenter Live subscription until then.

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