Joining Teesside University (arrival date TBA)

I’ve left this blog sitting idle for some time now, mostly because I was preoccupied for a number of months with searching for my next academic job.  Thankfully I’ve been lucky on that front — as soon as the Home Office processes my visa application I’ll be moving to the north-east of England to Teesside University where I’ll be taking up a permanent post as Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems within the School of Computing.

This post is research-focused — hence the long double title — and I’m certainly going to take full advantage of that!  I’m very excited to be in a position where I’ll be a fully independent researcher at last.  Watch this space for news on future projects — and watch out for emails from me too as I begin to chase up all the project ideas lurking in my notes from extended pub conversations with some of you out there 🙂

I accepted the job offer several months ago, but as per usual the immigration process is taking quite a lot of time.  In the interim I’m using my temporary unemployment to rest up after four and a half hectic years on the Care Life Cycle Project.  Eventually — and please cross your fingers for me on this one — my visa will come through and I can stop anxiously waiting around to move up north and actually do so!

Many thanks to all of you out there who supported me in my efforts to progress my career.  Here’s hoping I see you all soon at the usual conferences/workshops/pub crawls.

Once I actually move I’ll update this blog and the usual places with my new contact info.  I’ve already updated my affiliation on and ResearchGate, new emails and addresses will follow once I have them.

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One thought on “Joining Teesside University (arrival date TBA)

  1. Rob and Jane says:

    Congratulations, Eric! We are so happy for you! You are so deserving of this. Teesside is lucky to have you. We have friends in Santa Fe who know the University. She is from Wales and her husband is from England. Small world. Thinking of you often, Aunt Jane and Uncle Rob

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