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Giving a talk at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

If anyone happens to be in Oxford this Wednesday, I’ll be giving a talk at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing from 12.30PM – 2PM which is titled “Agent-Based Models in Demography: Modelling the Ageing UK Population”.  Here’s the abstract:

Agent-based models are becoming increasingly popular in demography, due to their potential for studying the links between micro-level behaviour and macro-level population change.  In this talk I will discuss the implementation of two agent-based models as part of the EPSRC-funded Care Life Cycle Project, which is focused on studying the impact of the ageing of the UK population on the supply and demand of health and social care.  As well as presenting these models and their results, I will also outline the underlying motivations behind our choice of methodology, and describe some of the conceptual and practical challenges that we have encountered while constructing these models.

I’ve set myself a big task here to get through all this in 45 minutes, but I think I can just about make it!  Do come along and join the discussion if you have a chance.

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