Submitted a paper to JASSS

On Friday, I submitted a paper as first author to the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, together with my colleagues Jakub Bijak, Viet Cao, Jason Hilton and Jason Noble.

The paper describes an agent-based model applied to the study of partnership formation.  We base the model on a previous one by Francesco Billari called ‘The Wedding Ring’, and extend the model into two spatial dimensions while including substantive empirical data to drive mortality and fertility rates for agents in the model.  We conclude by utilising novel methods of uncertainty quantification (Gaussian emulators) to investigate the impact of some of the key parameters on model output.

We’re excited about this one!  A related paper is headed to Demographic Research within the next few days, so it’s been a productive summer.  Both journals are fully open-access, so if we’re fortunate enough to get both of them accepted links will be posted here on the Publications page.

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