4th World Congress on Social Simulation

I’m currently attending the 4th World Congress on Social Simulation, which is being held in Taipei, Taiwan at National Chengchi University.  I gave a presentation today entitled ‘Semi-Artificial Models of Populations: Connecting Demography with Agent-Based Modelling’.  I enjoyed giving the talk, particularly the encouraging and valuable feedback I received from colleagues from Russia, Japan and America.

I’ve uploaded my slides — bear in mind they were written in somewhat of a rush!

As for Taiwan, so far it’s been fantastic.  The streets are lively and clean, public transport is fast, cheap and reliable, the food is great, and people have been very polite and helpful.  Taipei 101 was particularly impressive; the building design is striking and the views are spectacular.  I’m looking forward to seeing more sights during the rest of my week here in Taiwan!

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